Friday, 20 July 2012

Summer Swaps

Alarm clock and the shrill obtrusion of 06:40 for body clock and the beauty of deep slumber.

Flat in south west England for yurt in south west France. 

Children for adults. 

Exercise books for trashy magazines and Ordinary Thunderstorms. 

Arranging music for band for arranging pretty flowers in pretty vases.

Sainsbury’s £3 meal deal/left overs/school dinner for the deliciousness of homemade lunches. (I’ll be all domesticated and send The Boyfriend off with a packed lunch more than once a week!)

Pretending that running around in a flurry all day and only having one cake at break will keep me fit and healthy, for doing proper pulse raising exercise and regulating my cake intake. (Exercise bit definitely, cake bit probably. Possibly. Maybe.)

Working in the evening for actually having time to DO stuff! (This is going to stop my flow but I need to give you an example: yesterday after school, I came home and arranged my end of year present haul on the table for The Boyfriend’s viewing pleasure (he is SO patient); went to B&Q and bought compost and a plant pot; went to Sainbury’s to pick up food goodies for dinner; drove home; potted a couple of plants and arranged my gladioli in a vase; cooked dinner (this is a rarity) in a clean and tidy kitchen (also a rarity) to the mellow sounds of Classic FM, and then chilled out. Normally, I mark!)

Keeping the classroom in order, for tidying and cleaning the flat on a regular basis. (Hopefully, there’ll be no need for army mode and epic blitzes for the next six weeks!)

Producing lesson resources for creating my partner teacher's wedding present. (Not long to go!)

Assessing kids to within an inch of their lives for assessing the state of the wine rack.

Getting to bed to secure the 8 and a half hours for no need to clock watch.


Monday, 9 July 2012

Ode to the End of Term

Farewell reports,
Adios APP-dom,
Two hours off? On a school night?
Behold! A taste of freedom!

Just two weeks to go,
Until we jet off for France,
I’m so excited,
I might wet my pants!