Saturday, 15 September 2012

Current thoughts

Friggin love Strictly.
Louis Smith is BEAUT. 
I want a body like Victoria Pendleton’s.
Ola’s fake eyelashes are RANK. 
Johnny Ball. Legend. Already.
Brendan makes my heart melt. 
Someone tell Lisa she’ll need a heavy duty B├╝stenhalter for the jive! 
Hate Craig.
We have to wait three weeks for the series to start proper?! Noooooo!

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Resolution Review

Last Tuesday - day one of this glorious new term - I wrote a list of new academic year’s resolutions. Here’s the week one review:

1. Don’t leave washing up exclusively to Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 

Last week was truly excellent on the washing up and kitchen cleaning front (I could’ve eaten my  dinner directly off the kitchen work top and licked it clean that surface was so regularly Dettol-ed), but yesterday the dirty plates seemed to reproduce when we weren't looking and were left unwashed. Nevermind!

2. Use a small wine glass rather than a big one. (Mid-week).

So far, so good. San Miguel was on offer in Sainsbury's so I've not had one mid-week glass of wine yet!

3.  If in need of resorting to cake, think of a proper solution to the problem instead. Consuming unnecessary calories won’t help.

No need to resort to cake yet - yes! Ate a doughnut in our staff meeting today but I didn’t ‘resort’ to it.

4.  Don’t leave tidying clothes into the wardrobe exclusively for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

If you ignore yesterday’s tights and Friday’s PE kit then I’m winning!

5.  Give Sainsbury’s less of your money in meal deals by making lunch on at least 4/5 days per week.  If on the 5th day Sainsbury’s is too tempting, always ignore the Mexican flavoured, mayonnaise laden wrap, even if the packaging is deceptively green in colour.  

I’ve made sandwiches every day so far and I was even bothered enough to take some mini tomatoes in a Tupperware box today too. Go me!

6.  Do something other than work or vegging on the sofa on at least one evening during each working week. 

Last week I did my Olympic scrapbook one night. I was sat on the floor next to the sofa so I think it counts.

7.  Run. (Fitness innit).

I nearly went on a run last Thursday.

8.  Don’t hoard mugs in your classroom like they’re treasure. 

Err… There are a couple of them (possibly three) currently sitting in the sink… Shh… At least I’ve not had to hide any under the sink yet out of embarrassment.

Effort: B
Achievement: B