Sunday, 9 February 2014

Commentary Gold

Earlier today, Jenny Jones may have won bronze in the women’s slopestyle final but the commentators were commentary GOLD. A brief round up of the highlights:

1) "That smile would make bread rise."

2) "Can she hold it down for the Queen?"

3) "They're earning their £6.50 free lunch."

4) "That was literally just like Spiderman and Doctor Octoman hugging up there."

5) "Her smile would hatch chicken eggs."

6) "I've lost the ability to use my arms!"

7) "I can feel my pulse in my lower intestine."
    "That's not your pulse, Ed."

8) "It feels like someone's sewn my liver and pancreas together."

9) "Can I stand on my chair now and scream?!"

10) On watching the final competitor stack it on her last run, securing Jones the bronze: "WAAHHHHHHH! JONES WINS THIRD! Are we supposed to do that? Probably not..."