Monday, 4 February 2013

In Absentia (Snapshots from January)

History has shown that you can do a lot in forty days and nights. In contrast, my blogging absence seems to suggest that I’ve done nothing whatsoever of any significance in as long. But au contraire, readers, au contraire! I’ve not been stagnating in absentia. My January has been one of flurried busyness. 

Over the course of the last month, amidst everything else, I’ve snatched the odd bit of time here and there to shove some ill-formed sentences together but haven’t got round to editing the rubbish and posting anything. So, I’ll spare you a short novel’s worth of half-arsed mediocrity and instead share some relatively readable snippets (hopefully) which I’ve managed to separate out from the drivel.

SNOCD (20.01.13)

During the annual snow crisis in mid-January, we had a dump of the white stuff on school which should’ve been better than it was…

“Turns out, as well as the incompetency of printers, not receiving vital snow day texts also sends my blood pressure rocketing. I nearly committed harry carry on the way to school today because I slipped and slid up a snow laden road in an Arctic blizzard. During the final few harrowing minutes of the journey, I had to have balls of steel to keep the revs up to get over icy speed bumps on an uphill stretch, and then got to the untreated school car park to find it barren of people. I skidded around and ended up spending two hours making what should have been a ten minute journey home. Not cool.

After I got over the headache from that, I developed an OCD induced one. I’ve got this thing about how long I spend working, how long I should spend working, how long I need to spend working, how long I could spend working and get away with it, how long others spend working etc., and the problem with the snow day was that I didn’t know the rules for whether I needed to put the normal amount of hours in. So most of my day was spent calculating my hours and balancing it all up rather than taking advantage of the day and just getting on with it. What a ball ache."

The Annual Blowsoc/Mussoc Reunion 2013 (22.01.13)

The third weekend in January saw our annual university music reunion in Nottingham. It was most marvellous.

“We rekindled our inner students at the weekend by ingesting far too many fluorescent, sugar-laden alcopops and spent a disproportionate amount of time in Wetherspoons. LOVED it. We’re obviously not as young as we were though because we were a lot less accepting of how sticky the floor was in Ocean, Gangnam Style was merely tolerable (just) and Emily and I sought hangover relief in the Danish Homestore on Derby Road. I bought a leather siesta chair.”

Miasma of Doom (26.01.13)

We’ve been waiting for FOREVER for our visit from The Big O and it only went and finally happened… 

“I’d rather not detail the minutiae of the experience, but I would defo like to note the circumstances under which we had our visit from The Big O. The snow day had prevented me from taking home my marking backlog, I’d had an unusually work free weekend (was planning on kinda blagging it), I was still hanging from our drunken reunion in Nottingham, the snow was continuing to wreak havoc and The Boyfriend had just jetted off to the Falkland Islands for a week- boy did he time that to perfection! It would never have been the ideal time to receive The Call. However, we did receive it, we dealt with the accompanying miasma of doom, we tackled it head on, and... we survived! Hoorah!”