Friday, 13 January 2012

A smashing evening

One of my best things in life is being superbly productive in time which you anticipated would be spent lolling around vegetating. 

Tonight is an excellent example of this. I fully expected that at 3.30 this afternoon I’d be totally zombified, feeling completely knackered, ready to come home, collapse onto the sofa, eat, fall asleep, wake up, drag myself to bed and fall asleep again... 

BUT, instead it was full of highly satisfying productivity. I did some excellent bashing out of Science marking after school, which had built up into a small mountain, mighty to conquer.  When I got home, The Boyfriend and I blitzed the flat and it turned from verging on depressing back to lush. Then, I was ruthless and sorted out my magazines to prevent resembling that obsessive compulsive hoarder on Channel 4. (I admit that probably too many old Sunday Times Style mags managed to avoid the bin though, just in case I want to cut stuff out of them. You know, sometime.  For a scrapbook of… stuff.) Then, I hung up some photo frames, which I’m absolutely DELIGHTED with. THEN, I rehung my Chamonix print so that it is centred properly over the sofa. AND THEN, after a highly nutritious and delicious dinner, I put The Boyfriend’s India photos into the photo cube on the coffee table, while watching the Ulster-Leicester Heineken clash (FT Ulster 41 – 7 Leicester). Pro-duc-tiv-i-TY! I thought I’d do nothing, I did loads, I’d gained hours of extra weekend!

But then, I morphed from Wonder Woman into taxi driver, and on the way to taking The Boyfriend to meet a friend at the pub, smashed into someone’s wing mirror. 

Revelling in productivity has stopped. Headache has started. The Boyfriend says I shouldn’t worry because it’s what insurance is for. I’m gutted! So, I’m going to collapse onto the sofa, fall asleep, wake up, drag myself to bed and fall asleep again... 


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