Thursday, 12 April 2012

Backtoearthwithabump Syndrome

I am currently suffering from a terrible bout of Backtoearthwithabump Syndrome. 

The Boyfriend and I went to Snowdonia for a few days this week and it was a-MA-zing. Like, seriously ACE. We felt the wind sweep through our ruffled hair and the sun beat down on our faces (albeit very briefly); we filled our lungs with fresh mountain air; we paused to stand awe inspired (and for him to catch his breath and me to stop my lungs burning) and looked down over rippling lakes nestled in the ragged Welsh mountains; we powered up the mountain side (‘powered’ is perhaps a little strong) over boulders and rocks, through the mist, fog and snow and felt victorious conquering the highest peak; we ate our lunch huddled by a dry stone wall, which sheltered us from the chill of the blustery wind and we looked out onto the wilderness sprawled out below us.  We were totally carefree, even when we realised we’d misread the map and were in the wrong valley (fail!) We scrambled over crags and we listened to the rushing of the wild rivers and waterfalls in the valleys; we walked for hours without seeing anyone else and we felt like explorers... No hang on - we were explorers!  We were young and wild and free!  The world (or at least that little corner of North Wales) was our oyster! <Insert cheesy phrase about youthful freedom> We sipped on gin and tonic at the end of a long day, and relaxed in soft, leather chairs in an olde worlde library with a secret door, which smelt of leather bound books and rich mahogany… We swam in a luxury pool (it had mood lighting and everything) and ate delicious food off a slate plate.

So, having had such a lush few days, I probably shouldn’t really complain (five whole days in a row without any work is an exceedingly rare treat) but get your violins out and allow me a moment to despair…

Despair: Today, all I have done is sit on the sofa and stare at my laptop screen. Boo! I planned lessons for next week and took a horrible amount of time organising various rotas for the next two terms. Five hours of my life which I ain’t getting back! My to-do list is considerably epic and may as well be stapled to my hand until the summer holiday… Backtoearthwithafrigginmassivebump Syndrome! 

But I know, I know, I shouldn’t grumble and whinge... If we had trips away all the time then we wouldn’t appreciate them. I knooooow.  When we were little, Grandma and Grandad Leek used to say that if we didn’t go home after a trip to see them then we wouldn’t be able to visit again, which is very true... So, I guess I’ve just got to suck it up and get on with normality. Onwards and upwards and all that… 


…Get me back on that mountain!

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