Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Festive Family Fun

L: I’ll roll. Right, if this is another difficult it’ll be unbelievable… Two. Difficult. Crap! All of ours have been difficult! Sorry Charlotte.

Ch: S’ok… Err, it’s quite hard but not too difficult.

B: Is it an all play?

Ch: Yeh.

B: Chris you’re up.

C: Oh yeh… Ok...

L: Wait for the timer, Chris. 

C: ERR have I drawn anything? No.

L: Wait, wait – it takes ages to run back down – wait… aaand… go! Ok... sea, waves, err… waves -  

M: Beach, shore… bay –

L: Cove –

Ch: YES! Cove!

C: What?! How the f*** did you get that? 

L: An excellent drawing.

C: Show us then. What is that?! Who would get cove from THAT? That is NOT cove.

L: Well obviously it is because we just got it.  We’re just on the same wave length aren’t we team?

B: Ok well, we let you get that. We’ll get the next one.

C: Yeh if they don’t cheat.

L: Right, Mum it’s your go.

M: Pass the dice then, Chris. Four. All play. Ok. Can do.

B: There’s no way we won’t get this, Chris.

L: Mum, you need to give him the card then.

M: Oops oh yeh.

C: Well that’s not fair because you’ve had extra thinking time now.

M: Oh shurrup.

B: Doesn’t matter, Chris - we’ve got this.

L: Don’t draw anything until the timer’s ready…  aaannd… wait… go! Err – 

Ch: House, home – 

L: Garden, two houses, umm... garden – 

C: Garages, parking space, space, err... parking lot?! Err, park - 

L: Garden, field - 

M: Mm, mm –

C: Mum stop making noises. 

M: I’m not!

B: Focus Chris!

L: Garden, space, empty space, plot of land – 

Ch: Land for sale, plot – 

M: Mm - 

C: Stop communicating!

L: Plot, vacant plot –

M: Yes! Vacant plot.

C: Vacant plot?! You were blatantly cheating!!

And so it continued until the girls won. And that is why Dad refuses to play Pictionary.

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