Saturday, 23 March 2013


I’ve returned to the motherland this weekend but this evening I’ve been abandoned. Chris has temporarily flown the nest and is testing the parents’ nerves by jaunting off to Thailand for a month (with ambitions of being photographed alongside elephants, dog meat, ladyboys and all sorts). The parents are combatting the post-traumatic stress of his departure by having a jovial evening at the annual tennis club dinner. Anyway, in their absence, I've taken the opportunity to declutter my hard drive (OH YEH). In my clean up, I’ve realised that I have nearly as many un-posted blog entries as I do ones which were passed for public consumption.

This one was very interesting to read back…


I should be revelling in the fact that it’s Friday night. The night I have looked forward to all week. The distant night on the horizon, so close but so far away. However, instead of basking in it now that it's finally arrived, I have not long recovered from what could be called a mild panic attack (face tingling and everything). See, I am occasionally inclined (or not so occasionally, depending on who you ask) to feel sorry for myself when it comes to workload. I have mentioned said workload previously, so I probs don’t really need to spell it out. (But in case you’re not sure what I’m alluding to – I work like a friggin machine. Constant.)

Looking forward to the sanctum of Friday night, I left school at 6pm and headed to Sainsbury’s for a quick sweep.  Exhaustion crept upon me and I made my way home with only some Innocent smoothie, a packet of prawns and some leaves. Got back, and tiredness, plus a messy flat, plus hunger, plus carrying in bags and heavy boxes of work like an overladen donkey, plus an unrealistic expectation that on the stroke of 6pm I'd be washed in some sort of ethereal elation for the coming of the weekend, plus over heating (must banish the ski jacket to the cupboard) equalled despair. Much despair. Thankfully, post panic comfort came in the form of cuddles, a long soak in the bath and a sizeable glass of plonk.

Now, this probably didn’t make the cut originally because I didn’t want to come across as negative, which might make you wonder why I’m posting it now. Well, I’m posting it now because, reading this a year on, I’m feeling rather pleased about the realisation that my workload related resilience has obviously improved. Last week was mammoth (two parents’ evenings plus assessments galore served to challenge my capacity to cope) but, somehow, it was ok. I won’t lie, I suffered a few, intermittent bouts of minor malaise but I got over them. Any discontent seemed to be outweighed by positive stuff. It was a week of epic proportions but it was ok. This is progress. Progress has been made! This calls for a sizeable glass of plonk.

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