Friday, 12 April 2013

The Proposal Story: Prologue

Prithee, lend me thine ears for I'm about to rip off Shakespeare...

The offspring of two households, both alike in dignity,
In the fair French Alps, where we lay our scene,
From forth the music society break to Aiguille Grive,
Where four words make for the most friggin amazeballs surprise in the whole entire world ever.
The son of one family and the daughter of another, seven years fond,
Cross off step one to becoming a housewife - 'get engaged' - from her bucket list.
The enamoured pair, whose adventures ere took them hither and thither,
Doth, with a ring, in the lush and lusty snow, commend to be wed.
She will wed him in another key,
With loved ones, and with much revelry (and the wine will be flowing most definitely).
The events from whence lead to this engagement,
Are now the words thou shall read for thy contentment.
The which, if you with patience attend,
What here shall miss, my hopefully not too cheesy writing shall strive to mend...

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